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So I made some strings for myself today and it turned out great, but I have one question. I was trying to make type 10, so I went around each anchor 5 times, assuming that each time around an anchor was equal to 1 type. However, I was doing some research and came across an old post here saying that you have to go around both anchors for it to be considered type 1 so using this knowledge, I essentially made type 5 string. Is this correct? Hopefully this actually makes sense. Thanks!

Hmm, anyone know this?

Someone has gotta know the answer to this

Not me, but if modman10 comes around he’ll know for sure.

You are like. Its always a risk to say someone on forum.

OK… so the whole type thing goes like this:

  1. I make a full loop around the pegs front and back, the this makes it type 1
  2. If I am using a multiple thread setup (such as three spools) then if I wrap around 2 times then you will get type 6 :slight_smile:

and I have seen this question a lot so i am also going to answer it:

What material do I use?

The best thing to do is look on wawak sewing and find different type 40 polyester threads (type 40 is a great thickness for type 6) You will get thinner thread as you go up in number :slight_smile:

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I tried to make a Type 10 thread using this logic. the string was so thick it was unusable, and 40 threads total is way too much. Same for type 8 (32 threads total).

So, for my fixed axles, I use a 14-strand total before twisting (28 strands finished) and I have a “fat” string. On my 1a yoyos I use either 12-strand or 13-strand (24 and 26 strands finished, respectively) depending on the particular yoyo’s response characteristics. This is using Coats and Clark XP.

Keep in mind that different thread manufacturers use slightly different thicknesses for their threads.
It might not seem like a big deal, but once you double it over 40 times it will add up.

Gutermann is the best brand of thread that is easily available in my opinion.
You can get it at most fabric stores. I would get a big spool of that, then make a couple strings with different thicknesses to see what you like best.

Just use a string you like and compare diameters as you make the string.

Thanks guys, I figured it was too thin how I was making it originally.

Hey there guys i feel like i wasn’t clear enough :smiley:

Notice i said type 40 thread not string the type in that case means how thick it is :smiley:

I also will say this: start by getting three spools and go around 2 times with all three spools at the same , what this will do is not only make your string more consistent (less losing count of how many wraps) but will also ensure a type 6 which should result in ( if you are using type 40 thread) a very well sixed string.

Hope this helped ;D

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Haha, I figured that is what you meant. Im almost tempted to make a type 40 string just to say I did it LOL