Homemade string

I just started making my own string at home. So far, I’ve been experimenting with the number of threads, material, etc… But I can’t seem to find the right mix to get the same feel as the strings I normally use. The ones I’m making come out either too thin or too stiff. Does anyone care to share his/her formula for good homemade string?

BTW, I’m currently using type 6 cotton string, but I’m trying to make either 50/50 string or 100% Polyester.

just use a stick

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Honestly, I like having different string than what I’ve bought. I have plenty of that so making other types is fun. I found some cotton covered polyester and made either type or slick 6 (not sure which one) with it and that worked well. It has lasted a long time and is still soft. Just a suggestion.

i get some string at home depot

Ummm… what was the first type?

Anyway, I use cotton covered polyester. It’s like 61% polyester and 39% cotton. :stuck_out_tongue:
How do you know what type the string is?

First type? The stuff I have bought is 100% cotton, but I’m not too sure what you were asking about.

The number of laps (down and back equals one lap) is the number for it. I can’t think of what the difference between slick and type is, but say you made 6 laps, you would have type 6.

So that means I’ve been making type 4 strings. I’ll try doing it with 6 laps. I thought that each length of thread is one type. (3 laps x 2 = type 6).

Yeah that’s how the type is calculated. 3 laps=3x2=6. 4 laps=4x2=8

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Oh really? I did 6 laps and it was just as thin if not thinner than my type 6 I bought so maybe the thread was just a bunch thinner.

It depends on how thick your threads are.

GM user and Jeromy K use a combo of 80% poly 20% nylon and I’ve never tried GM users but I like Jeromys… I dont know much about making strings but theres my favorite blend…

And if you make some and its too stiff just try breaking it in first…

You’ll want to do about 5 or 6 laps to get Type 10 or 12 which will be around the thickness of a Type 6 string.

when i make it i use 2 colors but i have no clue what they are made of. i also make it with 4 laps of each color. it turns out thin but thats how i want it to be