Cotton string


Are there any boutique string makers out there making cotton string? I haven’t seen any. I use YYE cotton 10 but some variety would be cool, maybe something with a little tighter wind. Seems like it might do well with the amount of people who throw fixed now.


IDK how many cotton twisters there are out there, but if you’re industrious, you can make your own. French sent me a couple of his “Type 12” and it was awesome!


I was going to say something about French as well :wink: I have heard good things about his strings, never have tried them however. I don’t know if he sells them?


you could always ask him :wink:

@Rosenberg I’m liking the YYE type-10 just fine, myself. Seems to work great for every pony in my stable =D


Thanks for the kind words Myk_Myk. I do enjoy making cotton strings, but, my “setup” is very manual. I wouldn’t feel good about selling something that wasn’t excellent, and, my string tension is variable at best. Also, the strings use feet of thread, and, just for fun one day I did the math on cost, it wasn’t pretty.

All that said, if you would like to try a string, PM me. I just ran out of my version of type 10, so, need to make some, making a few extra isn’t an issue.

Lastly, making string isn’t that hard, at least the way I make it. I use a drill, a couple of folding chairs on storage bins, and some paper clips. I learned from YouTube videos, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with anyone who wants to make their own string.



Toxic was making the Lacers, I really liked those, have a few packs left.

I don’t know if any one making them now, other than the standard cotton you see. I contacted the factory that makes them, I’ve been wanting some type10 that are longer (I’m 6’5"). But the amount they said I needed to buy was way more than I’d ever use. So been debating on whether to find a bunch of people to go in on them with me, or just get a spool of string and start making my own.


Do you mean a longer version of the standard cotton?


I got a deal for you. You pay the shipping and I will send you a few 100 bundles.

I still have a serious grip of cotton from the old days, lol.

Stored in zip lock bags fo- Eva :sunglasses:

Pm me for pics and such👍


Yep. Type 10 but they would come like Kitty string, no pretied loop and 48" long.

Would need between 10-20 people to do so he order, minimum.


Today I decided to try a type 8 string (8 wraps of the thread) for my Duncan reproduction wooden Butterfly. Initial thought is this string is a bit too thin, but, I will update once I play it for more than 15 minutes.


I’ve been using type 8 cotton for longer than I can remember. It’s always worked well for me. I have found that as it gets dirty and worn it does seem to be tighter or thinner, but by then it’s time for a change in any event. Never tried type 10, but then I have a very large supply of type 8, both 100% cotton and 50/50 since it lasts longer than cotton.


The home made type 8 is growing on me. I’m one of those old guys who takes some time to adjust to different things.