Question about making your own cotton strings for fixed axle

Hey guys,

I’m currently making my own poly strings out of Coats and Clark XP. In short, I love them and am super happy.

Anyway, with my new fixed axle obsession, I would like to spin my own cotton strings too. I was wondering if anyone is doing that on here and if the basic rules/technique are the same as for poly?

Can I just use Coats and Clark cotton thread, or do I need some other kind of thread?

Thanks in advance,

My best advice to you is to experiment with different types of cotton threads and see which results appeals to you most.

I like Gutermann a lot for sewing because of its strength and low lint.

It’s not too much more expensive and definitely worth it in my opinion.

They also make a lot of different types of thread and some with different thicknesses too.

Awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. So, if I want to make a type 10 cotton thread, how many strands is that? When I do poly, I end up with either 24 or 26 if I’m making a fatter string (so 12 or 13 strands before twisting). Would I just use a heavier thread and 12 strands, or standard thread and like 13 or 14 strands?

I am currently using the duncan cotton and am told it is type 8. I hate it. I assume type 10 is thicker?

10 should be thicker, but I’m not sure about the number of threads.

Completely dependent on the thickness of the thread as you have guessed. Don’t worry about type #s, make what feels good and performs well. Adjust the strands and thread types to get there. Above all, have fun!