string tricks

i can’t do any string trick like split the atom,ripcord and i have a DIE NASTY yo-yo.Is the yo-yo the problem?Is it from its completely unresposivness? :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

what happens when you atempt to do the tricks

well,when i land the yo-yo on the string,the yo-yo stops spinning,but the dude in ‘‘learn’’ says that the yo-yo spins on the string very long.but mine!

It’s probably cuz of your throw or the way you lsnd it on the string

ok.i have unresponsive yo-yo DIE NASTY.when i land it on the string,it spins 2 seconds and stops.

try a sleeper

how long can it stay spinning?

i think long,but it curves and the yo-yo stops in the cah spin about 30 seconds

are you making the yoyo tilt so it falls off the string?

no,its lows its speed and the yo-yo just curves by itselfs.i just throw a sleeper and the n i don’t do anything.

Just work on your throw pal

Yeah, I agree
I had that problem when I first started. I thought my renegade was broken.
Once I learned to snap my wrist and aim, my throws got a lot stronger and straighter.
It helps to practice hard sleepers on a cheaper plastic yoyo when you first starting out since, if you like me, your going to occasionally send it smashing into the ground with all your strength.
Keep practicing, and it’ll come along.

so true about smashing my yo on the floor

im wooried about getting a metal but not