String Theory's first release - The Remnant

Here are some pics of the new yoyo hope you guys like it. It should hit our site and yoyo expert soon.
50mm diameter
41mm width
weight - 65grams
gap - 3.95mm
response - flush silicone pads with thin pads available
Bearing - Dif-E-Yo KK C size

Really dig the shape, as well as the graphic. Hope this goes well for you! How many were made?

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About 150 in the first run have been inspected and made the grade but haven’t looked at them all yet it takes a long time to check each one out if you do it right. ;D

Love the shape and the weight. I will have to keep my eye on this one. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, maybe you could ask Chris/Dr. Yo-Yo to review it. It just seems like it would fit.

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I was looking for someone to review it. I am about to send it to String Burn Live but another review can’t hurt.
Whats his site again?
Thanks for the info

The profile looks just like that of the Severe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Das the first thing that went through my mind too!

Do you think that they’re maybe being a bit of a copy-cat? :stuck_out_tongue:

You should definitely send it to Dr.YoYo at to be reviewed. He has information on his site on how to set that up.

Also: Brett and Jared of do very good reviews as well.

How much dough for the goods? :wink:

The fast 201 and the fhz look the same on profile, does that mean yoyofactory is being a bit of a copy-cat? Not neccisarily.

And its $99, its says it on the first post.

I love the gasmask logo, very rad indeed. Makes me think of Graff… mmmm graff…

Look forward to throwin this sometime.


I didn’t think severe at all when I saw it. I just thought from the H angle (idk how to specify angles), it looks kind of like a Turning Point, but I wouldn’t really say they copied anything.

OK, this thing looks REALLY cool!

Love the gasmask!

Someday, I want to have my own yoyo company… Any tips on how to plan early? ;D

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I have mine and LOVE it!

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Learn 3D CAD I use Alibre.
They have a free product you can play with, it allows you to specify your material (aluminum) and then you can make sure your weight and weight distribution is what you want after you design it. Plus throw yoyo’s day and night until your arm hurts and you think you can take no more, then keep throwing!!! ;D

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Love the gas mask design sleek looking, can’t wait to grab one hopefully…Looks awesome!!!

whos all going to get the yoyo when it comes out

Yoyoexpert should carry it and our site but this being their forum I don’t really feel comfortable advertising other sites. If you keep an eye out you will see soon. ;D

How did you get the machines to make the yoyos? I’m not trying to be nosy, but I really want to know how it works. ;D

No problem at all I create the drawings and then dimension them and what not, then I go out and have machinists bid on the design’s then once I have the correct price, the machinist uses a CNC (computer controlled) Lathe to machine the pieces then they send it to an anodizer and he coats and colors the yoyo’s. Thats about it ;D

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