String tension

How do u deal with string tension. My string gets twisted constantly

I take the string off my finger, hold the yoyo, let the string straighten out and then run my finger down it once or twice


Thank u sir

No problem man


There are heaps of string-tension management tricks out there that are often fun tricks in and of themselves. Some of the simplest aren’t particularly “fun” but they’re quick and easy.

You should be adjusting your string tension fairly regularly, before it gets all wacky. The simplest tension-adjustment tricks only take a second or two to reset you to neutral.

Here’s just one video that you might find useful. There are others! Just search “yoyo string tension trick” or something like that and you should find more.

I have a few ways to do it, but both ways I use can be done on stage in a discreet manner.

  1. The split bottom one… Pretty sure that’s what’s linked above
  2. The sidewinder one. Throw a front style sleeper. Then pop the yoyo up with the string on the left. Pull the string in such a way that it wraps around the yoyo to losses the string.

Take the time to learn the trick called “Follow”, there are tutorials everywhere, particularly on YouTube.
It looks pretty slick, and will eliminate a heap of string tension in just a few revolutions.

That seems to be my “Go To” for getting back to neutral.

Heheh, I’ve been working on this for months and still don’t have the knack. I was all cocky at getting other “knacky” tricks (like Boing-e-boing) with very little effort… then Follow came along…

Now worries, you’ll get it.
It’s really more of a Juggling trick than a YoYo trick in my opinion.