Perfect String Tension?

I always have problems with slack tricks, because I can’t seem to get that ‘Perfect’ string tension. Are there any helpful videos or tips to get perfect string tension? I try just taking the string off my finger and pulling down the string so that it untwists itself, but this doesn’t always seem to work. Any advice would be useful. Thanks

You can adjust string tension by getting into a split bottom mount, letting go with your NTH, then pulling the middle string segment to the side with your NTH. This will loosen the tension as the string spins around the yo-yo. You’ll start to get a feel for how much is enough to get the right tension.

I rarely have to adjust the other way, but you can also pull the middle segment to the other side (little more awkward).

Also for smaller adjustments, you hop the yoyo up and to the side, simply pulling the entire length of string so that it’s more or less at the same height as the yoyo, and it’ll spin around the yoyo and loosen or tighten.

(come to think of it, you could grab the string partway down and do this with only half the length, but I like tension to be evenly distributed).

Since you only get a few wraps/unwraps per hop, you’ll probably do this two or three times. If it needs more than 2 or 3 times, you probably would have been better off using Brian’s method.

Do any of you happen to have a video showing this? I’m more of a visual learner. Thanks

Adjustment video which includes the method Brian describes and the “quick adjustment” method I described (I use full string usually; this one shows string segment):

The “pull on a string” method can also be done from trapeze, and also a fine adjustment method:

I usually use the above “trapeze” method, but as he mentions, it is indeed frustrating to learn at first. It takes a fine touch, and then when you “get it”, you’ve got it. :wink:

I should also note that in both the “Frontstyle” and “trapeze” mounts, you run the risk of distributing tension unevenly. You’re only adjusting tension in about a third of the string length, and it can take a few throws to distribute it throughout. That’s why I use the “hop up, full string to the side” method. Perfectly even distribution, even though it’s not as flashy and takes a few hops.

If my tension is truly wacked out, I just take the string off my finger and let it even out. No shame in that.

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Awesome! Thanks Greg!

Edit: I just tried the method from the first video about wining up my string the opposite way and I went to try the slack part of Plan D and it was perfectly slack with no twists! Thank you sooooooooo much!

Also, to check whether your string is loose or tight, bring the two ends close to each other. If they twist together in the same direction as your yoyo string, it’s loose; if it twists in the opposite direction, it’s tight.