String sticking together

So today I was practicing magic drop, but I just couldn’t land it. Some way my string stuck to itself, like this:

I changed the string, but still, no improvement. What could be causing this? My guess is that it was the fret from the string, but even the new string with no fret did the same thing.

Put some baby powder on your hands. What is the string?

It’s oem yyf string, since i couldn’t find anything else didnt wouldn’t cost like 2x just for delivery, its also untwisting at the bearing :smiling_face_with_tear:

Gotta upgrade the string man, that green yyf string is doodoo.

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I would man, but there are virtually no shops that sell for ex. Kitty string in romania

Yo, send me your address in DM. I go home in a few months and i will send you a bunch of different string. Can you wait a few months?