Embedded string help


I didn’t know where to put this hopefully this is ok. Just wondering if you guys have any good ideas on how to dig the string out of a yoyo. I just opened my sirius up for cleaning after a few years of sitting and ther is a tiny piece of string wrapped insanely tight around the non axle side where the bearing slips on. And also there’s a groove in the plastic dead center where the string sits. I poked with a needle for half hour. Afraid to dig to hard. Any ideas?? Thanks…

(JonasK) #2

Are you saying that the string has hardened or something? So it doesn’t just wind out?

Never heard of anything similar.


Yes it’s old unnoticed string and it was absorbed with lighter fluid and dried too. But its forged on . I seriously can’t get it off. I’m surprised too cause you can’t even tell when you put the bearing back on It plays smooth


Have you tried putting the yoyo half in water?


The whole half? nah never thought I could. I’ll try it


But not hot water the metal will “peel” off the plastic leaving a plastic Sirius. (which is pretty much nothing.)


Thanks, Ill let ya know later if it helps.


I used cold water but it didn’t do the trick. It might just have to stay I dunno.


I used a finer nail cleaner, it has a long sharp metal scoop. I scooped it out pieces at a time got most of it for now. It’s a good tool I guess.


I like tweezers for things like this.