String getting caught under bearing

I have a low end plastic throw made by YYF for another site. (I hadn’t discovered YYE yet)

I also have a dark magic 2 and recently put a CT bearing in it. I took the speed bearing out and put it in my cheapy YYF that I mentioned. That way I have a go-to unresponsive throw when I might end up throwing somewhere “dangerous.”

The problem is, it plays awesome for a while and then randomly the string will get stuck under the bearing and come shooting back. I then have to take it apart to get it unstuck. Then it’ll play good again for a random amount of time. I noticed that there is a tiny gap between the OD of the bearing seat and the OD of the bearing where the string gets stuck. The speed bearing I put in there is the same diameter as the one I took out, so I don’t know why they act differently.

Have any of you guys had something like this happen? Is there anything I can do about it?

I’m guessing I can put the CT bearing in it, but I like it where it’s at! :wink:

It could be the chamfer radius on the OD of the bearing is different between the two, thus giving a bit more clearance between the edge of the bearing and the bearing seat. It wasn’t clear from your post if this is happening with the speed bearing in the YYF of the CTX in the DMII.

Sorry, it’s the speed bearing in the YYF.

I’ve also tried a 10 ball from another throw and get the same result.

I think I figured it out!

I had some bulk white string to use up and put it on that yoyo to start using it. I decided to try my normal string to see what would happen and the problem stopped!

I guess that bulk white poly was a little thinner or something. That, and less strict tolerances on the cheaper throw?

Anyway, it think it’s solved. Keep it in mind if it happens to you!

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