I need help identifying this string

bought this yo-yo used and it came with this string installed. i have been throwing this yo-yo for 6 months for a few minutes every night. every other string i have used shows wear within a day or two of being installed but this one still looks brand new! it whips amazing and makes binds crisp and quick. it even sounds like a whip crack when i bind. very satisfying especially for me as a new player. I’ve ordered so many different strings trying to figure out what it is but no luck yet. I’m hoping it isn’t someone’s homemade one of a kind but it’s starting to look that way. the person i bought it from had no idea of where it came from. any help is greatly appreciated.

Looks like a fairly standard 100% polyester blend. The color choices and non-separation does tell it it was likely a home brew, but fear not!! There are several of us that can makes these with very minimal effort.

You can also post this over on r/Stringmakerz to help ID it, it might be one of theirs, but either way, if you want more, it shouldnt be hard to get them. All you gotta do is ask :slight_smile:

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Maybe a lady lucky string? That doesn’t quite look like a spool thread or a tabby. Vaguely looks like that one yyf string that came out a while back, but I️ think that would wear faster. Try looking up @heartstrings on instagram (invaderdust on the forums) for some nice long lasting string


It might be Lady Luck. Ill post a link to this over there and see right quick. Also, thanks for the kind words!

Im pretty sure that the YYF summertime strings had color separation as opposed to a full on blend. And yea, they burn out in that first day of hard play or week of very light use.

If you want to follow along, here is a link

Wow! Thanks for the quick replies and help! I truly appreciate it. I just joined but can already tell I’m going to get further in this hobby because of this forum and its members willing to take the time to help. I’m interested to see what reddit says, thanks for the link.

So i have watched a few videos on making string but haven’t tried for myself yet. I would rather leave this task to the pros. I know i would make a mistake and throw a favorite through my tv or back door. I’m still so new to this and had no idea there was so much to learn and take in. For now I’m focusing on not killing myself when i have a snag after an ugly bind and throw a break away. Do I need to go to website to get some strings made or pm here or…? Tell me what to do and I’m on it. Thanks again guys! Feels good to be a member of a community of helpers

Welcome! ;D

It’s some kind of boutique or homemade string made out of polyester embroidery thread. I used to make something similar, whips fantastic and lasts forever but the tension can be temperamental. You can get this thread at any fabric shop and there are string making tutorials on youtube if you wanted to make your own.