String rotating on finger

The string keeps rotating on my finger no mater which way I turn the slip knot. The string rotates around my finger especially when looping .
Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same problem.

I have thought of using the stretchy tape or gloves, but it is still just a thought.

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Aside from using tape or beeswax or something around your finger, I think this is just something that happens and you gotta learn to adjust.

Some things I’ve found that seem to help… make sure it’s pulled nice and tight. It will hurt until you get used to it (don’t pull it so tight that your finger turns purple, but it needs to be snug). Eventually, you’ll develop a calloused groove in that spot that kinda keeps the string from moving around too much. Also, when I’m tying the loop, I try to size it up so the knot is as centered as possible on backside of my finger and cut off any excess string.

I could be overthinking this, but this is what has worked for me.


if this happens, try wrap your index finger with a medical tape to help the finger loop tighted up the grip and it should fix the problem.

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Get a chunk of actual bees wax and rub it on the sides of the string for about an inch below your finger loop. I do this all the time with nylon strings and it helps a great deal. I got real bees wax at a health food store.


My solution is a double slip knot of sorts. Works great and doesn’t strangle my finger.


I have used Burts Bees classic lip balm on slippy nylon strings, works (and smells) great.
I’ve also heard bow rosin works very well, if you have a music shop near you that carries supplies for classical stringed instruments.


The solution is simple. If you find the knot is loosening, all you need to do is take it off your finger, flip it, and put it back on. You’ll find it won’t slip in this orientation.


This happens to me mostly when my hands are too dry. You can try lotion or hand cream to moisturize at least a few minutes before you throw, so it’s had time to sink in.

My finger loops also stay best when the loop wraps from the inside out, that is with the single string on the inside and the loop on the outside. Flipped the other way results in a ton of movement.

I have always just taken a candle and rubbed the inner loop and top inch. I have noticed that some stings are better more likely to roll on my finger then others tho.

  1. Tie a smaller loop for the slip knot.
  2. Make sure the “double” side is facing your pinky, this will tighten with most looping tricks, except a few weird ones.
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Ive always had luck with a tiny loop or doing this double slipknot