Loop slipping


My finger loop slips around like crazy constantly and I have to stop and adjust it way too much. To prevent this, I’ve tried throwing over my index finger, but I’ve cut through my index finger callous, and this is a THICK callous, like so thick that it feels like the finger’s covered in glue when I try bending it.

How can I avoid this problem without just wrapping tape around my first finger? Or is that what people do?


I figured it out! After doing the slip knot, twist the string inside the slipknot so the permanent-loop becomes twisted, the more you do this, the tighter it grabs the string. No more slipping.


The side of the slipknot with two strands should be facing your ring finger. If the slipknot is on backwards, it tends to slip, although some kinds of strings do still slip, even when the slipknot is on correctly

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Next time when cutting your string, tie a knot in the center of the string where the loop is gonna be. I originally wrapped the loop in hockey tape and it worked. If the string is rotating completely around your finger, try flipping the slipknot around.


Ooh I didn’t know the loop direction mattered, that’s probably the problem. Thanks.


I think I saw that trick somewhere but didn’t see how it would help. I’ll give it a try on my next string I guess.


If you are using a very slippery type of string with rayon and/or nylon, the slipping knot can be very frustrating; what I often do is rub a crayon around the finger loop (and a little below the knot) to build up a nice waxy layer, creating a tight grip around your finger.


a simple and effective solution that I do is use a “noose knot” (not the hangman’s noose), instead of the normal slip knot. the noose knot will garuntee not slippage around the finger, unlike with the slip knot. plus, its easially adjustable to put on and take off just like the slip knot. try it out and let me know what you think. :wink:


I use a Finch’s head knot.

As for the loop direction… have I seriously been doing it backwards this whole time? Seriously? It seems so obvious once you put it on and mock up the throwing motion, but yeah. I have been. When I first started, I read the opposite (doubled side towards index finger) and have never thought twice about it since then.

Crazy. Mind blown!


Loop direction is the answer, but it varies depending on what you are doing, particularly for old style tricks. On inside loops it will tend to slip the opposite of what it does on inside loops. Also look at the difference between inside loops and hop the fence. Try it and see.


Loop direction sometimes works, and sometimes not…depends on the type of string still. Also, how do you make a Finch’s head knot? I googled and only came across a larks head knot which won’t work.


I need to make a better video of this. But here you go:


cool. its almost works the same way as the noose knot I use, just with the slip knot still incorporated in it. I might have to try that out too and see how that does. :slight_smile:


A few weeks I read your post about those, and they saved my life! I can’t recommend another knot as highly :stuck_out_tongue:


Every once in a while (mostly when my string is getting worn) my loop will get frustratingly slippy. So I turn it around the “wrong” way and it’ll be fine. Temperamental loops!