String recommendation


Does anyone have any recommendations for strings? I’ve been doing string tricks for only about 3 weeks now, and I can tell I’m going to stick with it for a long time. I would like to get a 100 pack, but am hesitant to order that many strings blindly. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?


(Erik Kerber ) #2

I really like kitty nylon. But I have so many other strings yet to try. And everyones different. If I were you I would choose a few different strings I’m interested in and buy a 10 pack of each and then choose the one I like best.

But thats just me.


I agree! I like Kitty Normal but there are several brands so try out a few and choose for yourself.


You can’t go wrong with any type of kitty.


I’ve ordered a bunch of Blueprint strings to try. People say that it holds tension better than Kitty, but it’s a bit rougher. It also comes pre-tied so if you’re taller than the ‘average’ person or prefer very long string, it may not be the one for you.
My previous strings were also Kitty but it became an annoyance when they had the lifespan of a day’s play.


You can get a decent amount of play out of kitty string. I just think it’s crazy how some of you guys change strings after like 15 minutes of play… That’s out of hand. But if you get the 100 pack of fat kitty, that would last you a good amount to of time, plus you can get a 100 pack of kitty for the cost of two 10 packs of strings from most other makers.


Kitty goes __itty in a jiffy.

Maybe not 1 hour, but it doesn’t take long. You can play it, but it’s not as enjoyable anymore, and you keep thinking, “Can’t wait to change this string” while holding off because it seems wasteful.

Rather play a string that doesn’t make me want to change it so often. I mean, I have tonnes of Kitty and I enjoy it still, but I’m much happier when I put on something from Big Yoyo, Epic, or Unknown.


snakebite yoyo strings I have some and they are truly amazing they come in all different colors and the strings last a long time they have a great feel to them. Hope this helps !!! :wink:


Epic strings Whippy or Magic Threads. For soft, easy play. Lightning bolts are great if you play with tight response and comlete fast combos often. :slight_smile:


Rather than getting a hundred pack just get 10 different colored ten packs, the. U have so,e variety