string recomendations???


alright guys so I’m planning on getting a 100 pack of yoyo strings cause my mom said she would pay for it and so now i dont know what to get. I have had type X string for a long time and i have gotten bored by how it feels on my fingers. Recently i have been looking for something that is softer on my fingers and holds its tension better… i am left handed so you can see where this is a problem. i was looking at kitty strings recently but its just so overwhelming with the options. So what do you guys use or have had good experiences with???


If you like type x but want softer and better tension then get ammo! Its exactly type x but softer and holds tension better haha but if you want kitty string then you have to take into consideration that it is longer by a lot and if you don’t like the 43-45in length then your going to have to cut it, I personally love the length for my style because I play very techy it just makes it easier I love kitty string though that’s all I use now