String Question


Just getting back into throwing after about an 8-10 year hiatus. This board, the people, and the tutorial vids are just great. Incredible resource.

Question re: strings.

Can anyone say what kind of string comes on the YYF Velocity? It was one of my purchases the other day - if I can get a name for that string, it will help me figure out more exactly where I am with regard to string needs. Checked the packaging, and around the net, but couldn’t find a reference.

Soooo many different string choices out there now.

BTW, I also bought a Duncan Metal Drifter - the string that came with it seemed pretty poor. Not twisted evenly/smoothly. I put the extra string form the Velocity on and things got better.


YYF Polyester I believe was it neon green, also for string my favorite is Fat Candy Wires you can get 100 pack for around $16


Polyester string is pretty similar. I have tried tons of different boutique strings and I always go back to the YYE 100% poly.


I bought 6 different types of poly strings trying to find what I like most with my last order. i liked all of them except the toxic felt really stiff but yet tangled easily which doesn’t really make sense. That was my observation though. I only threw it a couple of times before I gave up and went on to the next.

I did like yye, kitty, and candy wires the most and haven’t made up my mind on which is my favorite.


Thanks, everyone! Very good to know.


you have to break in the toxic.


the exact string they use is brand:yocal type: 100% polyester string


yellow highlights all the way, so soft, dont require much (if any) break in, bright colour and seem to last for ages.


you can always buy a twistedstringz tester pack that has a pretty wide variety of string types with in it yull definitely find something yull like :slight_smile:


Thanks! This is the kind of thing I’m looking for - a variety to check and test with.

Spent a couple of hours practicing binds - they keep slipping out, though. Using polyester string…but so do a lot of people. Surely it is me, not the equipment. Only doing binds since yesterday :smiley:

I’m a lefty, and kept my arm in the air a lot practicing the binds, and this morning the area where my left shoulder connects with the base of the neck is just soooo sore! Gotta get used to the motions…


I know that feeling. I’ve been trying to learn left handed lately, and the binds have been KILLING me. My arms just feel so unnaturally high in the air, unlike my right-handed binds.


Maybe you’re holding your left hand higher, and for a longer period of time as you learn them with your other hand? Maybe another case of one side of the body getting used to what the other side is used to.