String preference

This is a sympathy thread for players who suffer from extremely specific wants in a string. Can someone please come up with a medical term for this issue?

Seriously though, is anyone else really picky about string qualities? I only like rough, slick, long and whippy strings. That pretty much limits me to full length toxic dragons or full length toxic base. That’s not necessarily bad or anything, but anytime I go to try another person’s throw, half of what I’m thinking is: “Wow, I hate kitty string.” (I have nothing against kitty, it’s just pretty much a polar opposite of what I want.) My specific string wants have made playing other yoyos less enjoyable. Like the one time I got to play a palpitation, different string made it a little harder to just enjoy being able to play with a 200+ dollar throw. Or the time I met Jacob Gross and got to play a gsquared prototype, (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say the name of the upcoming yoyo, so I won’t) the string made it a little harder to enjoy playing a yoyo that isn’t even out yet. Not to mention all of the other yoyos that have been a little harder to enjoy.

Does anyone else have this problem? What are your preferences for string?

Easily one of the Best yoyos. I have ever thrown or owned; the Turning Point Leviathan 6.

For a ‘smaller bi-metal yoyo’ this thing a Beast of a Higher order. There is nothing about it that I don’t like.

I use primarily Kitty string Thin or Kitty String 1.5. On the Leviathan 6, I use mainly the Kitty 1.5.

I sacrifice a little on whips and slacks because I like using string that gives me absolutely minimum response. For me it seems the Thin/1.5; especially with wider gap yoyos gives the least bite.

I understand what you mean by feeling only a certain string ‘jives’ with yoyos or certain yoyos. I mainly responded because my string preference for a Turning point yoyo is so diametrically opposite to yours, lol.

I would have no fun at all with a Turning point and rough feeling string.

What I have been noticing even more lately is my developing a Serious dislike for ‘short strings’ for 1A play.
Years ago I didn’t get too particular about waist high or chest high string length. But in the last year I have evolved to longer strings. Closer to chest high or nothing ,lol.

And I seriously dislike any string that feels fluffy… Too fuzzy or whips like Yarn.

I think a good performance balance for thicker string would be: Venom or Kitty Fat.

Probably the Best string ever made(to me) was the Chaos(422? Can’t remember the exact chaos # at the moment). But since the guy faded out of the string Business I can’t say much worth any useful end.

Strings are like ice cream; so many different flavors…


I like fat kitty’s thickness but would like less bind.

My preference changes from yoyo to yoyo, mostly on thickness. I love using Ammo on my Space Cowboy, but hate it on stuff with narrower gaps. On the other end of the spectrum, I really like G string Solos on my stealth/Bape/Viszilla, but can’t stand it on throws with wide gaps and low walls.

Pretty much, my only dislike is if a string is too short, or if it’s too light and doesn’t whip well. So far the best all-around string that I’ve found is Yocala; it could be an inch or two longer, but it meets my minimum requirements for now.

I’ve tried a couple different 100% poly strings in normal thickness. Snake Bite is cheap and comes in nice twisted colors(twisted tangerine looks great neon orange/green) amd keeps good tension. When I want bulk cheap strings I buy Zeekio, $2 for 10 in whatever color, $6 for 40.

I like kitty XL in neon or white and I don’t tie a slip knot. Instead, I open apart the strings at the base of the string strands “mini knot” as if I were to put the string on the yoyo but from the wrong end, and use it as a loop to create the slip knot, getting the full length of the string (I believe Riccardo Fraolini does this).

I’m not really picky at all. I get a craving for different types of string and use them. I will say though that overall dragon is my favorite.

Actually the only thing I’m picky about is string wear. I can only play for about an hour tops. Then I start to really crave a new string. Be it dragon or kitty or anything else.

But… Dragons are just starting to get broken in at the hour mark…