String positioning?

So I’ve been throwing for a few months now, and I found Rethinkyoyo’s tut on Grandma Kimmet Sandwich. In the video, he has the loop much higher than I have it my finger. I always have it right above the first joint in my middle finger. He appears to have it about half an inch higher. Is this just preference, or am I doing it wrong?




Also it’s easier to land some tricks if you have the string higher on your finger.

Yeah, I discovered my difficulty in landing the hops in that trick was due to string positioning.

I used to wear the string as far back on my finger as possible. It made alot of tricks nearly impossible. My right of learning tricks has gone from about a day or two, to like an hour tops.

Jensen Kimmit developed a style called “tourniquet” where the string is around your bicep.

It is mostly preferance, but I think it helps if it’s higher up.

I started yoyoing with it on my pointer finger. Then I moved it over to the first joint on my middle finger. Now I put it on the middle joint of my middle finger.