Slip knot placement

Hey all, I just wanted to post this thread on the small topic of slip knot placement.
Mostly, this is aimed towards beginners.

The gist of this idea is that where you place the slip knot on your finger can change how accurate and powerful you are.

To use an example, I found that when my slip knot was closer to my second joint in my middle finger, I was more accurate in my hops and inbetween-your-thumb-and-finger trapezes.

However, if the slip knot is farther away from my second joint, I had a more powerful throw, but I was not as accurate, and I couldn’t pass the yoyo between my thumb and finger at all.

I doubt this is the same for everyone, but if you are a beginner, it pays to experiment where your knot is, find what works best, and play enough to create a callous there.

I hope this concept enriches your yoyo experience.