slip knot


I never got used to playing with the slip knot on the middle of your finger instead of the bottom. is it really important that I fix that, or can I keep going with it low?


personally I don’t think it’s super important. I still play with my slip knot closest to my hand, though I am trying to get in the practice of putting in on the middle of my finger. It just feels better and like it wont fall off when I have it closer to my hand. Does it affect looping?


It’s really a matter of preference. For myself I place it on the 1st knuckle down from the tip. I feel it gives me more control. And it just feels better to me.


That’s where I place it, also.


I think I’ll try it with it higher, and see how it feels.


Same with me :smiley:

(Owen) #7

I put it on the farthest knuckle from my hand…


If it feels right don’t change it. I put it on my index finger


I do it between my top and middle knuckles.


My brother has been speculating that putting the slipknot closer to your hand makes certain gaps in certain tricks smaller. In any case, that would perhaps improve your accuracy rather than deter your abilities.

I’ve always put the string on the section of my middle finger nearest my hand. Doesn’t matter much where.