String position

Ok. I am not sure if this is supposed to be in the trick help. What I’m also not sure of, is where you are supposed to tie the slip knot. Is this preference only? or is there a sweet spot I need to hit? I’ve seen most people tie their on the middle section. Is this the best option, because i tie mine on the section closese to the hand.

Thanks in advance.

Generally, the correct place is the middle of your middle finger. However, it really is personal preference. There have been numerous debates on this, so I would say go with what you want, but try the middle of your middle finger (really, in between your first and second knuckle) The string position has been thrown around loosely for awhile now, so if you like something different, don’t feel bad to use it.

Yeah, some people will argue otherwise, but just go with what you feel is comfortable.