String poll


Do you use one type of string for all your yo-yos? Or use different strings for different yo-yos? Or just change the color to match different colorways?


100% polyester for everything except double a. I use slick 6 but 100% cotton works better i hear


A combination of one and 2.

Yellow kitty string for everything.

Ammo for my favorite throws that match the string color.

Random strings that I got from trades all go in yo-yo’s that match the color.


I pretty much just use my own signature string and then a thicker version for offstring


I have Ammo(white & fusion Fuscha) on most of my throws then Type X(white and bubble gum) on quite a few then fat kitty(neon yellow), fat candy wires(blue) and thick Metz(neon yellow)on a few.


I use a lot of Big Yoyo String Candy String, 3lan~Muse String, Jake’s Steezy String (my own sig), and Type 3. As to what throw I put it on, whatever I feel like that day :stuck_out_tongue: