String opening

Any tips for opening string that just doesn’t want to open and feels like maybe it got really hot and fused itself. An exacto knife I’ve seems to be the only way I can pick it open.

Typically I just unwind it until I can stick a bit of thumbnail between the two threads. Tighter wound string can definitely be annoying though. I know @G2_Jake uses his teeth, might be worth a shot lol at least it won’t cut the string like an exacto can.

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Welcome to the forums! Some strings are just super tight. Eventually you’ll get better at it. I’m leary of string that opens up too easily as it gives me the impression of it being cheapo /low quality which I am sure is not true most of the time.

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An X-acto knife can cut the string. I would try to use something like a pin or straightened paper clip. Just stick it between the two twisted threads and try to untwist it.


Welcome to the forums! I suggest using tweezers, like this one below to open up the knot.

If you don’t have any tools, just use your fingers (long fingernails will work better) and wiggle each side of the knot from side to side. Eventually the knot will get undone.

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