I keep getting knots in my string and I was wondering if there was a better way to get them out then just picking at them.



Figure out how you got the knot in the first place and try to avoid that. It’s part of the learning process. Even so, as we will all admit, knots still happen to the best of us. I am NOT one of the “best of us”. I may be among “the most pathetic of us”! I do get knots from time to time, and I hear you. Getting them out sucks.

First, as soon as we get an actual knot, we have to be attentive and STOP immediately. We don’t want that knot to get tight. The tighter it gets, the harder it is to remove.

Second, tools. Any tool with a point has the potential to rip and tear fibers, so do factor this in. I use a tool that is similar to a dentist’s pick, except it’s a film pick tool. It’s basically the same thing, double ended but with softer metal. At the point, it’s very narrow to let me get INTO the knot, but then it gets wider towards the rounded part of the tool. This will help spread the knot more open.

If the knot isn’t tight, you might be fine with fingernails.

You can also substitute a large safety pin to do the same thing.

Patience!! Sometimes these can be very hard to get out. Take your time. You may need to attack from a different angle. Be in a well lit area as well, those tiny shadows can be a major help. Also, twist and turn and press in different angles to open it up.

I’d say have fun, but this isn’t fun. Just be patient and careful.

(Owen) #3

I use my fangs (My teeth) to pick them knots out


Get the knot as soon as it happens, if you wait to pick it out it will be too tight to get out. Oh, and longer finger nails helps a lot! :slight_smile:


I keep a toothpick in my wallet. I just slid it in next to my ID.


I’ve got a paperclip in my wallet clipped to my bus pass.



I keep a safety pin poked through the bottom left side of my shirt (fo reels). super handy


YYF multitool is pretty useful [at least, to the ones with very low walls.]


I leave a bobby pin clipped into my shoelace at all times. I skate around school everyday and it doesn’t budge, and since I wear the same shoes all the time I never forget it. Not to mention it’s extremely easy to access. I use the kind that have a sort-of plastic covering on the ends of the clip so I can be fairly aggressive with them and I’ve yet to scratch any of my throws (which some people worry about when picking knots). Keep in mind though, knots will always happen. It’s just part of the hobby. Don’t let it discourage you! Good luck, man. :slight_smile:

(sushi) #10

i keep paper clips in my shoe to take out knots