String on top or bottom?

I’ve been watching a few YT videos but can’t tell (or does it matter) the way the string position is when you throw the yoyo? Meaning, after it’s wound up and the yoyo is is in your palm (ready to be thrown), should the string be below or above the axel? Like, should the yoyo be able to roll off (string on bottom) or be snug (string on top)…hope this makes sense.

Holding the yoyo, palm up, the string should be coming over the top of the axle.

it should roll off, string on the bottom.

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Got it thx. I saw those videos but wasn’t sure if that string position was relative to that trick only…thank you!

It depends on your hand. Is it over the yoyo or under it?

The string should be on the part of the yoyo that is farthest from your TH (throw hand).

That way it can unwind easily.

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Actually; I think simply trying to throw the yoyo both ways would have yielded even Faster results than asking the question.

Honestly; some questions are straight up self service :nerd_face:


Haha, I was thinking the same thing, but then I just had to mess around with it, and even though it feels weird, I am actually able to get a decent front style throw with the string on the wrong side. :-\

And there are tricks that start out that way on purpose.

Reminds me of that guy learning bind for a while and keep failing. I tried to convince him that if he don’t give up he will be able to do it eventually.
But still failed.
When he was on the verge of giving up, I accidentally saw it, the string was reversed and the yoyo have been spinning the opposite way all this time.
He flipped it around and voila, bind so easy he almost cried of joy.