Hey I’m a beginner yoyoer (1week) and I’m trying to learn how to bind, I’ve watched many videos and read about It but not 100% sure how to do it I’m talking about the front version not the side, can anyone explain to a beginner on how to do it? E.g what side of the string to land the yoyo on? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Throw sleeper.

Put NTH (NTH = non throw hand) index behind string.

Mount yo yo on string.

Pinch the loop on NTH.

Very slowly lower that loop into the gap.

It will bind.

If you have more questions – ask ask ask please ask!

Thank you so much, 1 question : how far down do you put the NTH behind the string? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’d say about halfway, but less usually OK.

Sounds about right. Let us know how it’s going.

Will do, currently waiting for my yoyo to arrive so I can start practicing

One aspect of the bind that I didn’t fully understand when I started out, is that when you drop the string into the gap, that it helps to drop it (or push it really) so that it wraps down and around the axle on the side towards you.

How I taught my son and others:

• Throw a hard sleeper
• place NTH index finger about half-way down string on the side AWAY from you (not sure if that’s what hiltonking meant by ‘behind’).
• while keeping the string lined up with your centerline (nose-to-navel), bring your TH down and away, while also bringing your NTH up a little, and guide the string segment into the gap. Strive to keep the string segments lined up. I notice people tend to bring their TH around from the side when guiding the string into the gap; keep your hands moving along your centerline.
• with the string now in the gap, bring your TH toward you and begin raising it up. Simultaneously lightly pinch the string with your NTH, and smoothly lower it as you raise your TH.
• slowly ‘feed’ the string into the gap as you lower your NTH. As the string builds up, the yoyo will ‘bite’, and will take the string from your lightly pinched NTH thumb and index finger.

While learning how to bind, try not to simply drop the loop from your NTH. Let the yoyo grab the string.

Good luck and have fun!

Yes, sir. That’s exactly what I meant. Good advice.