String making

Hey guys/gurls, what is the best/easiest way to make string? Please tell me where to get the materials, too.

      Advanced Thx.

            ~Urban Pastry~

Plastic bags, tear them up, twist them tight, throw and be epic.

That to advance for someone just starting out…

What you’ll need is some poly thread. You can get it from a craft store. Then just look up a guide on twisting it and all.

Go to a craft store, and get some thread.
Depends on what kind of string you want to make. Common materials are nylon, polyester, cotton, and rayon.
You’ll also need a drill or a rotary tool.

Do this with it:

I’ve found that spacing the two nail things about 4 yards apart works nicely.

Tried this. Failed.

Bigger bags, finer tears. Twist them tighter. Throw harder. Be Epic.

But, on the serious note, I don’t think PVC film would make a good material.

It doesn’t. I’ve tried.