Hey I’m looking into making my own string. just looking for suggestions on what to use [both tools and fabrics] and weather I should make a rig or not and how to make that rig.

thanks in advance for your input…

The rig is not necessary but does speed up the process. Tools- dremel or drill makes things easier but are technically necessary either. Material is up to you. I use poly, some people like poly cotton blends its all up to you.

Do a search here. It’s been discussed in detail many times.

I think the best string is all polyester and you use a dremel. I take two things that have handles on them and space them about 4 meters apart. I then take the polyester sewing thread and go back and forth 6 times. There are now twelve strands. Cut one end and tie a knot. Attach that end to a dremel and spin. I test to see if the sting is ready by pinching it 4 or 5 inches away from the dremel and let it slightly tangle. You will want it to wrap around itself like yoyo string, but tighter. Now have a friend grab the middle of the string and pull outwards. Now with your hands(still holding the dremel) bring the dremel over to the other end. Grab both end strings tightly and cut them. Tie the strings together. Have you and your friends switch places. All this time you keep the string extremely tight. starting at the one end little by little slide your hand down while pinching tightly. The string should wrap around itself. Get to the end. Cut to your proper string length and your done.

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thanks but i dont think my friends will want to come over to help me make string :frowning:

I use 2 points about 5 paces apart, dremel or drill with a hook in the chuck stationary hook somewhere else then do your 6 or 8 wraps between the points depending on how thick you want your string to be. Spin up until the string has shrinked down about 14 inches or so. It’s important to keep tension on the string at all times once you start spinning. If you don’t it will kink up and be useless. I then take a yoyo and place it on the string and bring the one end up to the other (keeping tension the whole time). Now you have a yoyo on a string that is essentially completely unwound. Cut the stationary end and let the yoyo hang while you hold the two loose ends and let the yoyo spin the string up. Tie a knot at the loose end to keep it from unraveling.

Or just just search youtube for how to make a yoyo string :slight_smile:

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