Making Strings

I’ve been considering attempting to make some yoyo strings lately. Does anyone have any good tutorials for string making? Thanks

Look on youtube. It’s how I learned.

There are plenty of tuts on youtube to get the general idea on what you need to do. I suggest you watch a few and then come up with your own method.

Making good consistent string takes practice and its a lot of trial and error. Trust me I have not bought a yoyo string ever not even one. I rarely even play the strings that come with new yoyos they go in a bag to use on my kid’s/demo yoyos.

It can be a lot of work if you play a lot but its worth it to me. I feel more connected when I know the string that I made is the one thing that tethers me to my favorite yoyos. Its about pride and workmanship to me. Guess its a “zen” thing.

I will offer a few tidbits-
1- Dremel/rotary tools tend to work better than drills. They spin fast and aren’t has cumbersome to handle but you will have to make or rig a hook for it because they dont chuck up like a drill.
2- Hand spun strings take forever and aren’t very consistent but it can be done.
3- Tension has to be kept at all times if the string slacks even a little in any part of the process the string is ruined and its back to the drawing board.
4- A heavy plastic yoyo with an organic shape like a FHZ works well for the spin up process

Good Luck!