How to Make Yoyo String -Including Tricks to Make it Easier

In case you want to know how to make yoyo string, look here! ;D
Pictures are being uploaded to Photobucket, so I thought I’ll just start the typing part and then get the pictures.

I’ll first explain how to make string, along with a diagram. Then, I’ll add my own method.

                     Before Proceding, Be Warned, Many Pictures!!

Point A is a nail attached to a piece of wood, point B,C are markers. Point D is the Drill.

Distance from A to B is the winding distance, Distance from B to C is equal to the distance from C to D, and represent your finished string length.

So, you take some sewing thread, attach it to Point A, move it to D, loop it around the hook on D, and then go back to A. You do this 4 times, so you have a total of 4 strings on each side of A. Tie the strings together, and start drilling away with the drill.Wind it clockwise, or forward, and point A will be brought towards point B, because of the string tightening. Once Point A reaches B, stop, put the string at Points D and A together, have a weight at the bottom, or the crease, and let the string spin. So that’s the idea.

Now as for my methods.

The Block of wood on the far right is my point A, essentially. The block in the middlish is my point B, or the stop.

Here’s my drill, and I’m using the paper clip as a hook.

If you see the huge nail coming out, right before the plank ends, that’s my point C. Very Important!!! From here, you can see the whole setup. The point A is right behind this whole thing, out of sight.

Look closely at the nail on the far left, this one has to be put in just enough so you can take it out with your hand alone. The smaller one on the right can be nailed in. It’s around 2 inches away.

Here’s the thread I use for all of my strings. Dual Duty XP.
I start off by tying the string to the shorter nail, then looping around
I tie all the strings, making 4 journeys to the drill and back…

So after this, I cut the string going to the short nail and the string going to the roll. Tie the two together. Cut off excess.

See how it looks before turning? Make sure everything is to one side of everything. In this case, it is to the left.

My block before turning. Make sure the nail to the right can be removed BY HAND!!!

After drilling clockwise, or so the arrow on the drill is forward, Point A contacts Point B, or a stop in this case. Just a chunk of wood nailed into the main plank. This is important!!

Pinch the string that far from the drill, and use the drill in reverse, so you open up a loop.
Make sure not to give it any slack, otherwise the string will bunch together and be ruined.

Loop it around Point C, and hook it over the nail on point A.

Here’s the thing on Point A.

Put a yoyo like so. Make sure it’s not too valuable. Rubber rims are good here.

Now, hold the yoyo in one hand, then remove the nail, Point A and put it in your other hand. Lift the whole thing off Nail C, and put it in the air. The Let the yoyo side go down, and still maintaining tension, gently release the yoyo. Let it spin and wind the string.

Get it? The yoyo is spinning on the bottom, winding up all my string. Once it stops, or is close to stopping, it will overspin!, take the string off of the nail, cut it to length, and tie a knot. You’re good!!!

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Is it that bad? :’(

Ooohhh… That was pretty nice…

I just skimmed through it, I finally started to get how it is suppose to be. I think I could show this to my dad or something so I can get all the stuff I need

I make strings way more easier .And it’s works great,but that is very good way to make string too :slight_smile:

Ya, you and all the other things I have seen are too overcomplicated. I just take 2 nails and wrap the thread around and spin for 3-6 seconds depending on my preference on that given day. Then I finish as you do, with the yoyo untwisting the finished string.

The problem I had was that it was difficult to bend the yoyo string in half without losing tension and getting knots. I discovered even if you pull the knots apart, the string quality is worse and more bumpy.

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I just put my foot and slide the string over to the nail and tape it :stuck_out_tongue:

because everything is measured out and strategically placed, the strings must be very consistant. I like it

It is. If you see duck tape on the floor, those mark out where I put the drill and block and such. Exact same everytime.