String making tutorial with words

Hello, I saw xela’s tutorials for string and I didn’t understand it, I’m on wifi hotspot and I have to devote a ton of time because of how long they take to load, so which ones use words?


Go check out Jake Elliot’s semi guide in the modification guide Sticky…

To put it simply, all you have to do is;

  1. Measure out 10 feet
    Note: The Drill end is a reversable drill with a hook in the end, it should look something like this
    (do not tie your string to the end like in this picture though, this is just what your drill should look like.)

  2. Hammer in a nail at the end of the ten feet

  3. At about 4.5 feet place a hook.
    Note: One end of your 10 feet will be the drill end, and the other will be the tying end.

  1. At the tying end, tape down your polyester thread and make 6 revolutions around your tying end.
    Note: That is full revolutions, not the tying end to the drill end, but rather the tying end all the way back around to the tying end again.

  1. Once you’ve made 6 revolutions around the nail at the tying end and around your hook at the drill end, you can tape down your thread again.
    Note: Your thread should start and end at the tying end.

  2. Now that you’ve got your thread prepared you should now wind the string with the drill. (Clockwise if you’re making a right handed string.)

  3. Wind the string until it loses about a foot in length. At this point, you should make sure the middle of the string is hooked underneath the hook, and while keeping the string taut, lift it and bring it around in a semi circle like motion to the tying end.

  4. At the tying end, unhook your string from the hook in your drill, and hook it around the tying nail.

  5. Bring your drill to the hook in the middle and hook your drill around the loop you just created at the hook.

  6. Now switch the rotation of the drill and wind the string until it is a few inches shorter, (this shouldn’t take long)
    Note: You must switch the rotation or else your string will not be a string.

  7. Once the string is a few inches shorter and at the tension you’re satisfied with, you can now let go of the hook and make a knot at the tying end of your string.

  8. Congratulations, your string is now finished.

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Thanks guys!

Hey thank you for this tutorial. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Solved all the problems I was having, haha.

I have a question, though. I keep reading tutorials saying “wind it until it loses about 10-12 inches in length”. Is there any advantage to winding it tighter than that? I would try it now but my drill is too noisy at this time of night.

Some kids were talking about winding it until it loses half it’s length but I haven’t come across that in my casual browsing of yo-yo string-making tutorials.

The more you twist the rougher it’s going to be.