How to make YoYo String!

What you need:
A Nail on some piece of Wood
A Drill
A Hook you put in the drill,(( I use a bended Paper Clip ))
Thread-(( As in Polyester, cotton etc ))

First you need to set everything up to start. Put the drill and nail on the Piece of wood some 10 feet between each other.

Now cut some pieces of tape and put them on the piece of wood your nail is on. Next put your hook shape thing on the drill,(( if you use paper clips like me then bend it into a u-ish shape ))

Now its time for the thread, turn the beginning of the string around the nail and tape the beginning onto the piece of wood ((this is so the string doesn’t get loose)) Now take the roll that has the thread on it and start moving towards the drill, when your at the drill swing the string around the hook then go back to the nail then go around the nail then go around the hook etc etc. Most strings are 6-8 ply, if your thread is smaller than usual threads then I suggest going around the nail and drill 8 times, at the 6th or 8th time going around you should be at the nail, when you are there spin the thread around the nail twice then tape onto the piece of wood, cut the remaining thread.

Now its time for the drill to come in. Look at where the nail is currently. You should keep spinning the drill until the position of the nail has gone 10-12 inches away from where it first was.

Now what you do is get someone to pinch the middle of the string (( or get an object to do it)) and then take off the string on the hook which would be connected to the drill, don’t let go! Pull hard and walk over to the nail and put that thread around the nail and then tape it. What you do now is take the string from the person (( or object )) that’s holding it and hold it in the same way you would hold one side of a gyroscopic Flop, don’t let go. What you do now is trim your nail over the 2 threads and because of the tightness they are they will spin over each other, keep trimming and trimming until you are satisfied with how the String is.

ALAS, you are not over yet! Now what you do is let go and cut the string TOWARDS THE NAIL! You will see that you have made the string that fits on the bearings but you still need to make a loop knot or what ever. Measure to the string length you like and cut the part towards the the part you just cut that was near the nail. And now HAZA YOUR OWN STRING! Shall post video when I can find my dads camera.

The basic idea is there but the description is somewhat vague and the method crude.

Gah I know. Ill be posting a vid sometime later today.