Yoyo string help


I want to make my own string but I dont own a drill. Any body know how to make yoyo string with out a drill?


Spin it on your finger…


Use a stick.

Make enough strings so you can buy a drill from the proceeds.

Use the profits from your next batch to buy a bigger drill.

Make more string, buy a second drill.

Turn your living room into a yoyo factory after raiding JoAnns for all their polyester thread.


Then use the rest of the money for Per$onal Benefit and your aving

(YoYoStringLab) #5

Corded electric drills can be found brand new on Amazon for $23 U.S. including shipping. But a used one from a garage sale maybe even less.

If you are gonna have to do it without the drill, I would recommend a small dowel or pencil with a hook screwed into the end or paper clip wired, glued, taped and whatever else you can think of to hold it fast to the end (as you will be pulling against it). Then with the thread loaded, hold the dowel between your two palms and use your hands to roll it in one direction (clockwise if you are looking from behind the pencil, down the length of the string, for regular string). Keep rolling over and over and over and over and… well you get the idea. Towards the end it will become increasingly difficult to do this and keep enough tension on the string so it won’t kink before you are ready.

Good luck!


Also: twist in the opposite direction for left handed strings. Most drills have a switch for that kind of thing.


That’s right. he can send me the rest of the money for my personal benefit and my savings. I gave him the idea, I’m collecting royalties!

Who am I kidding. I’m just gonna spend it at YYE anyways.


ANyone make a video to make string without drill.


i would also like to see a video of how to make string without a dell. Thanx in advance! ;D


Kitchen mixer works you just have to check if it spins clockwise.


Ask one your nieghbours if they have a drill you can borrow.



I reccomend going to a thrift store or a garage sale and getting a cheap used drill or dremel