String makers please help

I made string and it did not work too well please give me step by step instructions on how to make it I need help.

Ok so you wrap your strings around two points and with a drill or dremel you spin it after you spin it you fold it in half then you take a fishing swivel put it on the string and there you have it

I still need help any more string makers

you need to tell is what you meed help with. We can tell you exactly how to solve your problem if you tell us what it is.

My string doesn’t work well please give me steps not a site and not too much work no nails in a board I do have a drill.

That site tells you everything in simple easy steps?

You’re going to have to have SOME sort of jig. You just will. Nails in a board is one of the easiest jigs a guy could make.

What kind of thread/string are you using.

I typically start with 9ish foot of string and twist somewhere between 12" - 18" … depending on how much tension you want in the string and the thread your working with… you will have to find that sweet spot that you like.

You will make a bunch of strings before you figure it out… get a tape measure out twist several different strings a different amount… then play them and see which one works.

The website that I linked has an excellent and extremely simple string making guide. You will not find a more simple string making setup.

Sometimes things take a little work and thought. Yoyo strings are one of those things.

I would suggest Tribol or spun Polly or Nylon or a mix for the threads you use

Thumb tacks in a wall work

Picture hangers and a nail in a board. That’s what I use for now. I just started :). Look on YouTube.

I’ve made a rig but that’s just me