How to make yoyo string?


How to make yoyo string w/o a drill.


there are great youtube tuts, but its really easy


how do you do it. Tell me.


If you dont have a drill you can use a stick and twist it by hand (takes forever)

You would be betteroff just picking up some bulk string here.
It’s money over lots of time spent.


it would seem you either need to find something else that spins and is workable or your stuck using your fingers :confused:


If heard that some people use fishing reels. Not the ones with the button the other kind.



Spin-Casting?(that’s probably the button one)
I doubt it would be a fly reel(for fly fishing, man, that’s a hard one!) or an open reel(often seen in salt water fishing)


Maybe the pictures from buddy-Jim might help. He was the fist person I saw using a fishing reel.

Whatever reel shown in the last picture is the one I’m talking about. I don’t really get buddy-jims process from this but kind of clarifies what kind of reel I was talking about. I still don’t know what its called. I’m not a fisherman…


Its called an Open face spinning reel


what thread do you use for yoyostring. WHere to buy/


You can use almost any thread but most use cotton, nylon, or polyester.


WHere can you buy it? Also aren’t there diferent thicknesses of string? How would you make your string different thicknesses


Is it easy to make string.


I buy my thread at joanns fabric store. Thicker string is done by adding more threads.