Trying to perfect my string making...

I use the following method:

When I take it off, it unravels. Would you recommend a different method, or what am I doing wrong?

How are you making string?

Wrap a couple laps (depending on how thick the thread you’re using is and how think you want your string to be) of thread 8-10 or how long you want it, it’s going to shorten and then halved.
Tie both ends making sure there isn’t slack between the knots
Drill, or dremel, or spin it by pinching/rolling it between your fingers, set it to spin clock wise.
Spin until it shortens about 8% of its original length or however much you want.
Once it’s spun, you fold over the string in half with a yoyo or some other object in the middle.
Keep it stretched/tension so the string doesn’t spiral/loop/kink itself.
Hold the string up and let the object/string free/spin itself.
Tie a knot at the top
Flip it upside down so it ravels some more
Make a slip knot loop.

Maybe it’ll be clearer if you take a look at Xela’s vid.

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What was the trick at the end? The Plan D trick?

It was the Nuclear Test Trick.

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