Basic string making questions

Hello! I got into string making about 2 months ago. I have 2 hooks in my wall and hand wind each string one by one. My problems are that making one string takes like 20-30 minutes, as I don’t have the resources to mechanically wind them. My thread is also very bad. I’m not making strings to sell at the time, however I would like to be able to sell my strings eventually. I’m just using black spun polyester from Walmart to get a feel for string making. I think I’m ready to use better thread that will produce usable results.

So how can I set up a rig for about 10 strings?
How can I mechanically wind them?
What is a good polyester thread?
What is a good nylon thread?
What is a good cotton thread?

Thank you.

I just also got to messing around with strings, was kind of sketching something out last night for a basic single string-making rig, but capable of doing 2-color or maybe tri-color. As far as twisting it (twisting by hand takes forever), I would recommend a drill or dremel with a small hook at the end of it. Remember a drill on “forward” will make right-handed string, and a the drill on reverse will make left-handed.

Hey there! SO to answer all your questions at once…

1.use ten hooks instead of 2
2. dremel!!
3. Look at
4. Look at
5. Look at :smiley:

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