String Mafia Review!

I received a pack of String Mafia string in the mail a bit ago and I believe I owe these guys a review for their kindness. Here we go.

First Thoughts:
I opened the envelope to find ten strings in a little baggie, some stickers, and a couple jolly ranchers! Go figure. The string came in mixed colors, a couple different blends. Very cool looking. I put on the string and gave it a couple throws and it plays very well. Lets go into detail.

I am not having any tension problems. Nothing exceptional, not much to say. 7/10

Very good whips. I am landing double brent stole easy, triple with a couple tries. Better than fat Kitty, I’ll give it a 10/10

Not Kitty soft, but not rough or anything. In between, probably a 7/10

Average thinkness in the string, so not experiencing any snagging and binds are a breeze. Happy medium = 9/10

Very fancy, liking the blended style, however my personal preference is plain white. In my next order I will ask if they offer it. Still worth a 9/10

Jolly Ranchers:
Watermelon! 10/10

All in all, they got a 42/50. Pretty darn good in my book. Here are some more pics.


Thanks for the review ! My website will be up next week! I have my new packaging in and as for white string I offer all colors under the sun !

For orders email