Mirage String Review!

Hi, I usually don’t like the idea of another string maker to review another string makers string because it could be bias. But, it was Mirage’s idea. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, we agreed to do an honest reivew of each others strings. He sent me 6 different formats of his string, and I will be reivewing them all, one at a time, so it will be an honest, fair, and a not so rushed review. And I will update even the reviews I have allready done because I will play with the strings for a really long time. Anyway, onto the review! :slight_smile:

Format: Release

Looks/First Impressions: I really like the looks. Nice, solid, and pretty bright! By the looks, when I opened the package it came with a little comic string that was funny, and neat nice red labels around each string identifiing the format. The thing that made me go, oh crud, was when I saw that the string was pretty thin. I thought, oh man, I don’t want to have to give this guy a bad review because the string is too thin and won’t bind properly. Well, lets read on and see how that effects the rest of the review shall we?

Tension: The string was nice and tight! And also held string tension ok!

Whips: OK, here is one point where I thought about how thin the string was and how it would be light and effect the whips. So, I preform one of my world-famous Double Brent Stoles. And wow, it prefomed it with ease! Pretty nice! I did some of my other whips like Hooks, Wrist Whip, and other stuff, and I was suprised that the string held up to these really well! Maybe not as well as some other strings I have played with but they are ok.

Binds: Yet again, OK, here is what I was most concerned about. The binds, because the string is kinda thin. So, I do all types of binds and they were all Ok. No slips but I could tell some were kinda weak. But, the string works just fine in a small bearing yoyo.

Slacks: The slacks were really really sweet! I really liked how it made me seem pretty great at Yuuki Slack! Not much to say but overall, really great slacks!

Suicides: Pretty good. Nice, I liked it! Not much more to say, but it was pretty good!

Overall Play: Really nice! I like the way this string plays! It is pro at whips, and especially slacks! It is not really that soft but it dosn’t burn the heck out of you when doing fast tricks like a lot of strings do. Oh, and this string comes pretty long! Longer than the standered string length. Nice at just about everything! Overall, awesome string!

Final Thoughts: After you get passed the binds thing, I would recomend this string to any good yoyoer. I think everyone should give this string a shot and atleast try it one time because it is real nice string with a nice handmade quality! Overall great string! PM Mirage to buy or go on www.miragestring.webs.com to place an order! Buy some, you know you want to! :smiley:

Cloud 9:

First impressions: Nice string, looks pretty cool. Just like the first it was thin.

Tension Eh, sorry, but it wasn’t as great as Release. The string tension was great, but I’d have to say release held better tension. But still great!

Whips: Pretty darn good! I liked it! Held up whips quite well! This is what I liked! The whips were wicked!

Binds: Just like releases binds, they were ok. Good with a small bearing yoyo, but with a large bearing yoyo, I could tell some binds here and there were a tad weak. But DON’T let this prevent you from getting this string, 'cause it rocks! :wink:

Slacks: The string is really stiff and I think dosn’t preform slacks as well as release. But they are pretty good! I think it is really great though!

Feel: Ok, so I threw this section in here beacuse this string is really rough, and gives you a bit of a string burn… But that was totaly too be expceted scince it is mostly cotton. So people who like cotton string will LOVE this string though!

Suicides: Pretty well! I can do all my suicides with them. Held up well!

Overall Play: Even though I don’t like string that has over 50% cotton in it, I have to say this was one great cotton string. But like I said, cotton fans will LOVE it! However, the whips were totally wicked, yet again, this string + whips = total awesomeness, and that is what I liked about it! And the suicides were good too! All those cotton fans in the house, place an order for some of this! You know you need it!

Final Thoughts: Really great for all you cotton fans! Try it out now!


First impressions: Like the color, reminds me of a candy cane! Ah Christmas… yay! Anyway, looks good, again like the others a little thin but no worries.

Tesion: Really really nice! I’d say best so far! I really like this! Over all, awesome!

Whips: Like all the string so far, awesome! I like this string, it is nice and heavy! It really gives off good whips! I tried some Himdeasa hooks and just the way I like it it went over the edge and pulled off Iwwasa hooks! Yep, really good whips. Not as good as Cloud 9 but really good!

Slacks: I love prefoming my Yuuki Slack, Revolutions, and my own slacks with this stuff. It is really nice! I mean really nice! It makes my slacks seem nice, fast, and profesional!

Suicides: Pretty darn big loops on the suicides! Really good for single loops, decent for double loops. The single suicides opened up really huge! Nuff said on that.

Overall Play: I have no complaints on this string! It is really great solid string, and the only thing I can point out, is it is a tad rough, but after it breaks in it gets a little better. WICKED WITH WHIPS, and great with slacks! Really good with suicides too. I really recomend getting some of this string, it is one of my favoites so far!

Final Thoughts: I have nothing but positive to say about this stirng other than it being a little rough. I would definantly recomend this string to anyone who wants a solid long lasting string, and dosn’t mind a little bit of roughness. I really like this string, and I am sure you will too!

-James Reed!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

UPDATED REVIEW! And reviewed Cloud 9 string! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

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~James Reed!

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Hm. I might have to order some string from both Mirage and James. :wink: Once I get some money. :stuck_out_tongue:

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