Mirage Release String Review

A Envelope came from Canada Today and Instantly i knew what it was…Mirage String!

                               The Envelope

It’s stiff and hard Feels like Nylon. The Orange was so bright it hurt my eyes! This string was 100% Polyester Release String Pretty short but It’s no big deal.


I couldn’t bear the stiffness of the string any longer but…I gave it another chance! Wow It’s soft, it’s awesome at whips and slacks It’s Mirage String! Anyway compared to YYJ Polyester string this and the string tension seemed a little better,it was better at whips and slacks, and it lasted a bit longer. I tried Jade Whip, Iron Whip, and whips I made up, and it was Amazing! I’ve never landed Iron Whip and finally I could get it 3 times in a row no problem!

                                            Pros and Cons

*The string was too small no biggy
*Awesome for whips and slacks
*Long lasting string
Sorry guys i don’t have a camera to post pics

not really a review…how does it compare to other strings youve tried? Im pretty sure most high end yoyo strings are good for whips and slacks, and i would also recommend Chaos string, G-string, Snacktime string, Perfect fit string etc. to anybody.

You really need to put more detail dude. 8)

Edited Sorry guys!

Yeah thats a big improvement!

How come it says “Release” on the title? ???

That’s the name of the string Nikata sent me…

Broyo13 are yo being sarcastic?