Vivo's Mirage String Review!

Mirage String Review!

This is my second review of strings. Just wanna let you know. LOL

So I just wanna thank Nikita for the Mirage Strings she gave me so ummm… Thanks Nikita!

Moving on…

Out of the Envelope:

I got the Hardcore ones: 80% Polyester and 20% cotton.The string was like Angel Hairs at first because of the Nylon feel thing. The string was kinda stiff at first. But what I really like is the color. I got the Orange and White combination and Green and White combination. And wow, the colors were really pretty, especially the Orange and White combination. So after I saw it, I was very excited to try it on my Protostar. Wait a minute, it’s kinda short. I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall and I think these are pretty short strings. But I think it’s really nothing to worry about, since some of you might even think it’s pretty long. The strings were also twisted the wrong way which I think is okay because some of you might think it’s bad. EDIT: The strings are now longer and are now twisted the right way.

The Play. :o

So I played with it a couple of minutes and realized that it needs to broken in because it was pretty stiff so I played with it for about 10 minutes. And… Holy String, it’s so good. It’s really REALLY really REALLY soft and plays so amazing. Like it’s so good, I whipped a Brent Stole three times and I made it, 3 times in a row!!! In an ordinary Polyester, I can barely do one. The string was also light, that it made that cool whipping sound while I was doing Lacerations and stuff. I mean, Slacks, Suicides, Whips, were like… BAM. This string is just amazing. I thought this string actually sucks because it has a cotton combination in it, but I was wrong, I didn’t know a combination of 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton can be so good! I think these strings were one of the best strings I had, so I think I want to order more, but not now, I still have 1 more left! The string tension was also pretty good, not the best, but I don’t have to adjust the string tension as much as I do on 100% Poly Strings.

Here are some pictures:

The yellow one is 100% Poly and the Orange one is the Super Awesome Mirage String.

The green one is Angel Hair the orange one is Mirage String.

Pros and Cons.


  • Pretty Colors
  • The Play is amazing. Slacks, Whips, Suicides are improved


  • Nothing really.

So yeah that’s my review. You can buy Mirage Strings from Nikita:;u=3175

You won’t regret it! It’s really good!

So yeah. I hope you enjoyed my review. Any comments will be appreciated.


nice review, better than the other ones I guess not to insult or anything. Comparisons , pics, yah great!