Mirage String. Back an running after 3000 strings!

Mirage String
Exotic is the word with mirage string. I use blends that nobody has thought of yet, material that hasn’t been used, and ideas and haven’t been created yet. I am sure that these strings will satisfy any player. If you are not pleased with your string, then scribble out your name on the envelope, and write on the envelope why you were not satisfied, and I will give you a refund

New to Mirage String
String is now washable. Once getting rather old, just put it into your jeans pocket, and wash!
comes out like new!
please not that washing does not strengthen the string

Ordering:Unforntunately, I only accept paypal, but if you don’t have it, its really easy to set up!

Shipping:For the the people who do not trust members with no feedback, I can track it and send you the tracking number to you for the low price of 3$! Also, It doesn’t matter if you are from the states, or from canada. All other places are and extra 1$ :-[

Ordering:Please send these to me in a PM.
What colours do you want?
Do you want any loot?
Are you right handed or left handed?
Of course I need your addresse,
And are you interested in my team!

Gold Bling        .5$= I put 2 gold thread in your string that actually make your string sparkle!
Too much!        .5$=You are able to choose up to 4 colours!


Hardcore: 20% cotton and 80% special polyester 3$ for 6 strings
Super aswesome at slacks and suicides and lacerations etc. I regularely land [b]3x/b on suicides!

Cloud 9: 80% cotton and 20% special polyester. 2$ for 6 strings
SMOOTH.I described in one word.

Pure: 100% cotton. 2$ for 6 strings
For all you old school rock and rollers!

Release: 100% polyester 2$ for 6 strings
Your basic performer, cheap, durable, kool colours, good at slacks and suicides, and has long bounce

Donuts: 60% poly, 20% cotton and 20%  special silk thread 4$ for 6 strings
This is super soft. Great at whips and slacks as well as quite good at suicides. Holds string tension as well. Unfortunately, the special silk thread only comes in black, and the cotton, in white. You may choose the poly colour though! Actually it isn’t silk, but it feels like it!

Sets: One of each thread. 4$ for 5 strings
You choose one colour easy as that. Then I make the strings with that colour in each of them. The only one that always comes in white is the pure string.
100% red poly for release
80% red poly for hardcore
20% red poly for cloud 9
60% red poly for donuts
100% white cotton for pure

p. is for poly
c. is for cotton
sp. is for special poly
m. is for metallic

p. Red
p. Orange
p. Yellow
p. Green
p. Light Blue
p. Darkish Blue
p. Light Purple
sp. Lime Green
sp. Neon Orange
sp. Darkish, British Purple
m. gold



Please go to my website for more info


Review is up! Nice string here!

looking for more orders. Picked up some neons!

you made 3000 strings? nice man how long did that take like 5mins a string rite so like 15000minutes!

Wow. Now i’m interested in this string. I like what the Hardcore and Donuts are sounding.

Donuts is really nice and soft, and has elite whipping power haha.

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quite a while, like 2 months

i new it!