my mirage string review!!!

i love this string!!!

so i got an envalope a few days ago and was asigned to me!and i knew it was mirage string! so when i opened it up i reaveled 3 pure white strings!!!(100% cotton) and i put it on my legacy!

wow this string was so good! its nie and heavy making it master slacks and lacerations but not all that good at whips :frowning: but after 5 mins of usint it was awesome and soo good. it was spun the wrong way but that problem has been fixed.also the string had a bounce for a fairly long time and had really good string tention.(ive seen better)


this is the string tention

this is the tip of the string

this is the end of the has a knot at the end so you can make the leanth you want it.

now its compaired to whip yoyo string.