String like HamString?


Hi, so I just recently got back into throwing after about a 2 year break.

I believe there used to be a string company called HamString, but I looked them up and seems like they are not making string anymore. I believe I got my first one when it shipped with a Terrapin bearing, so maybe fjh123 can confirm?

I’m looking for some string like it. The one I have on my yoyo is really stiff, and has a slightly rope-like texture.

I’m currently using kitty string, but I want stiffer string.

Thanks for the help!


I don’t know if I’m thinking of the same string but isn’t HamString supposed to be REALLY bouncy?(never tried them personally)


I have one last hamstring im using on my catalyst, would love to get smth like it too.

Its twisted pretty tightly, but soft, a bit thicker (i usually like thin) and holds its tension super well. It also lasts weeks for one string!


I don’t really find them bouncy.

Yeah, mine has been in my Raptor forever and it’s not even that fuzzy. If I didn’t tie it so short it would probably be in one of my main throws.


Hamstring was my goto string until they stopped making it. Then I switched to Kitty Fat and never looked back. I think I gave out my last 30 strings when I was selling yoyos. It was pretty bouncy before the string breaks in due to how tightly wound it was. Once it broke in it was like normal poly IMO. Kitty Fat however isn’t as tightly wound and the thread is different. I have yet to see anything like Hamstring unfortunately so I can’t make a recommendation.


Kitty will do all that and more.


I’m currently using kitty, but I still prefer the feel of HamString. I think it holds loops open better, and lasts longer without getting fuzzy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like kitty string, but I like HamString even more.


Kitty string and Ham string are almost ‘Polar opposites’ in feel and play.

They are both really good strings. But they are nothing alike.

Kitty string is more like yarn and Ham string is more like wire.

Actually seems kinda futile to even converse about, since Ham string is long gone.

I have bags of the stuff. Just sitting in the Shop, somewhere.

Ham string can be really hard on the skin.

The Ham guy quit because of health reasons, from what I was told.


If you want some hamstring i found this but caution since it’s in Eu the price for shipping might get high


Thanks for the link! It’s a little too much for me though.

Do you still use HamString? Would you mind parting with some of it for a reasonable price?