Any strings similar to Hamstring?

The first time I tried Hamstrings, I immediately fell in love with them. I only had a 10-pack that was included in a trade. Now I ran out and was trying to buy some more, but I only found them on UK/Europe sites. International shipping costs are a bit too much for me, so I was wondering if I can find similar strings in the US. I heard Toxic strings are similar, can anyone confirm that?

Haven’t tried toxic strings, but I think kitty string had a similar feel to hamstring

Well I bought the 4-pack of PSG’s and they came with kitty string, but it feels nothing like Hamstrings.

I found Dragon string (by Toxic) to be heavier, faster, and smoother than Hamstrings. BG1’s are also about as thick as Hamstrings but softer. Kitty Strings are nothing like either of these.

Nylon kittys feel just like hamstring!
the original is wayyy too soft to be compared to hamstring