Deciding between different strings.


I need to buy new string soon, I’m down to around 20 thick kittys, and 10 normals(all dark colors that make it hard to see). I like kitty string, but I want to try something new. I am working on slacky stuff, like follow, suicides, etc, so I want something that makes nice slacky loops. These are the brands I was looking at:
Gstring NOLY
Kitty nylon/ or poly/nylon
sOMEThING Strings
Stringlab Ammo

Not sure about any of the indy string maker brands, but I would be open to try them too depending on peoples opinions :slight_smile:


I’d get small packs of Dragon, Trixta, Type B, Type X, Ammo, Great Whites, BG1’s and anything else that seems to say it’s a bit stiffer to hold loops. This isn’t the time to get a lot of something, but a little of a lot of things to see what works good for you. Once you narrow it down or find it, then you can either buy a couple of more small packs of what you did like, or a lot of that one that stood out.

I myself like Ammo, Type X and Trixta strings. I think I need a 10-pack of Great Whites and something else by Toxic to see what I like from that brands.


Sounds like YYSL AMMO or toxic strings to me! Some excellent whippy high end quality strings :slight_smile:


Big Yoyo String makes a string called Type 3 that fits your description well. Whips good, and is stiff to hold open loops. Lasts a long time too

So I ended up buying 7 different kinds (candywire thick, candywire type e, kitty nylon, toxic BG, chaos 422, string lab type x, and some Gstring nolly that hasn't come in the mail yet). My absolute favorite out of the bunch were the Chaos 422s. They are wonderfully stiff and that quality about them make slack tricks a breeze, although they aren't as comfortable as other loose soft strings. I played it safe and didn't do tricks like Amuse that cause a lot of string burn. The string looked and felt thin, but had no difficulty with sky or suicide binds(I don't know any other trick binds yet).

The string lab and toxic strings performed about the same, better than kitty thick/normal but not as fun at the chaos'. The nylon kitty felt just like thick kitty, maybe a little softer. I was hoping it would feel more like cheep nylon rope I would use on tree forts as a kid. The candywire was a little short for me so I didn't really enjoy it that much. I'm around an average male height, 5'9", and the candy's came up to about my navel after tying a knot. I usually like eyeball 2 inches above for my knots. 

Next on my list to buy and try are Big Yoyo String type 3's, the NOLY that's in the mail, toxic dragons, Ammo(maybe, only if someone tells me its way better than type X's), and maybe some METZ.


That’s a lot of strings already, but if you’d like some more, look for JAMS yoyo strings. Insanly soft, cheaper than kitty, and whip pretty well.

Also try modman10’s jackrabbits. They are not as soft as the jams, but very whippy.