best Yoyo String?


Im looking into getting more string as I just ran out, Which do you recommend out of the list below and why? Feel free to comment or give other suggestions.


Ammo is my string of choice. Fat kitty would be next out of these choices. I like a thicker string. :slight_smile:


I would highly reccomend the Kitty String Fat Nylon.

(major_seventh) #4

Kitty Thick, Neon Yellow

Or contact Modman10 and buy some Jackrabbits. Amazing stuff.

(Rock Shouse) #5

My personal choice is Toxic snakes by Jake! Totally awesome man!

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Whoops double post, meant to modify a spelling error in the suggestion I said earlier.


Dragons and regular Toxic strings. Also Venom and type x


YYR 100% poly

I’ve ordered some Neon sOMEThING type 2 strings, though I didn’t like the first. Mickey put so much hype and mystery by stating they are not 100% poly but with something secrete, it can only be some awesome mystical ingredient that will make any player the best of the best, like unicorn hair…or butt hair…


Toxic BG1s


Out of the choices you put up, I personally like fat kitty. But I would also recommend fat fantasy chords from crocostrings. Some of the best strings I ever tried and soooo smooth on the fingers.


YYSL ammo for the win!


Right now I’m only using Kitty String. But really, other peoples choice shouldn’t be so important in this matter. I tried several brands/materials/colors until I finally found what suits better for me. You should do the same, buy some small packs and try yourself. 8)