HamString Type 12 Review

So the other day I was surfing around on HSYY and then I read the thread on there called “Calling All String Nuts”. It was about the newest string from the UK called HamString. Chris praised them and even declared them as his new favourite string! Because I was bored and had some money left on my bank account I decided to buy 3 packs of HamString ;D. I ordered a pack of red/white (Blamonj), green/blue(or dark green?)/white (Gween) and a pack of purple/pink/white (Rinky Dink) HamString. Each pack contains 10 Strings and those Strings are REALLY long about 150cm (~59inches).

Rinky Dink colourway

Gween colourway (my favourite colourway ;D)

Blamonj colourway (dont like that colourway that much but hey it plays great ;))

Sorry it was dark outside when I shot those pics. Go on the HamString site or HSYY (they dont have all colourways) for better pictures!

The strings are knotted at the end but I guess everyone will have to cut it quite a bit to adjust the perfect length.
My tip: cut about 17-18cm (6.5~7inches) from the string and tie a new knot. If you do so you will have the perfect length if you are about 180cm tall (~5.9foot). There are many colourways to chose from! Sadly the Blamonj string looked pink/red on the store pictures I bought it from but HamString has no pink string colourways :(.
It may confuse you but those strings are really type 12! They dont play like type 12 though, they play more like type 6 with a unique feeling to it. When you tug the yoyo doesnt grab the string. This string feels and plays like a mixture of normal Highlites and GeneralYo 50/50 Kevlar Strings. It feels not as rough and stiff as the 50/50 string and when you grab it between your thumb and pointer you can feel the pattern and surface of the string. Even after a few days of play the string looks almost like you just put it in and it still has a good feeling to it. This string plays awesome! While it has the sturdiness of the GeneralYo string it maintains the fexibility of Highlite strings. This increases your slackability (bad pun :angel:) and whips by a good ammount. For example: I learned Brent Stole on highlites and it made me mad! The triangles were small and hard to catch. This string helps me on slack and whip tricks like Brent Stole! Its a heavier string than Highlites and I think as heavy as GeneralYo 50/50 strings, combined with the sturdy structure and highlite-flexibility it increases, as I already mentioned, your slacks and whips. Even after hours of play the HamString has still this bounce to it when the yoyo hits the bottom of the string; its the same feeling when you throw in a new highlite, but they lose this bounce after an hour of play or so. I think you know what I’m talking about ;). HamString also keep the tension really good! One string lasts about 3-4 days depending on how long you play each day. I play about 1-2 hours a day.

Final thoughts: This string is awesome! If you like heavier string for slack and whips, and I’m sure you do, get some of the HamString if you can! I love that string! A pack of 10 costs me 3.50€ (~4.80$) which is a really good price if you consider how long one string lasts. A must have string! 100/10 points O0 ;D

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awesome review! I was thinking about getting some of these strings, but was kinda on the fence b/c of the international shipping fee. I have to get some now. Thanks!

Best string on the market

thanks :slight_smile: