Ham String

This is my first review so dont judge too hard :wink:

When I first heard about Ham String through ibanezcollectors (or Brett’s) weekly vlog, I knew I had to buy some and try it out for myself. I picked neon yellow because its my favorite color of string. Anyways when I first got the string and felt it, I noticed that it was not your average factory string, this stuff is stronger and feels bulky. Another thing I noticed was that it is a bit longer then your average factory string which I tend to like better anyways so that was a plus for me :slight_smile: So I got one, threw it on my throw and tried it out and all I can say is wow! Even though this string is a bit bulky, it feels really thin while playing but you can also tell its still very strong. With that all being said I can tell you that I love Ham-String and in my opinion it is way better then Gator Floss. Coming from a guy that throws about 3 hours a day, one string lasts me about three days before it wears out which is just incredible! (they come in packs of ten) so you are getting your moneys worth for sure! Go pick up some now, you wont regret it! ;D

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SOON TO COME: All Terrapin X bearings will come with a free Neon Orange Type 12 Ham String.
“It all happens in the Gap”

does the size affect the responsiveness of the yoyo? i know with G-string it made the most unresponsive of yoyos return to my hand with the slightest tug.

I have never had that problem and they last much longer then gstring ;D

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I currently use between all of my throws Type 12 (Corona, Cheez, Plazma, Zombie, and Gween) and I have to say these are the best strings around! I work at a Hobby shop that gets Hamstrings in ( we’re still waiting on those Hog Whips !!! last they told us it’s due to a shortage from HIS supplier of kevlar) as well as YYJ (various types) SPYY neon yellow string, and I have permanently switched to Ham Strings! They last longer and hold form so amazingly for whips and slacks! I suggest them to anyone who has horrible string twisting problems. They are extremely stable and come in sooooooooo many different types and color ways. Thanks for the review!

But does it blend?..

How long do they last until they wear out?

For me they last about 3-4 days (I throw anywhere from 2-3 hours a day) They blend as well.

No problem glad you liked it!

Is that the type of string I received with my two bearings and dice? I got blue and red.

No. I have a variety of strings that I put in with the bearings. The Ham Strings did not arrive at that time. I think they were gatorfloss.

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